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The Drugs Box

The Drugs Box® is an interactive software revolutionising drugs education. It is available in a range of different kiosks / hardware options to suit different community engagement purposes. The software is updated with the latest information on drugs and additional activities and content for young people. The Drugs Box software is great fun to use, making it an excellent platform for learning.

The programme features an easy-to-navigate title screen, with six sections:

  • Drugs
  • Risks
  • Law
  • First Aid
  • Quiz
  • Help

With colourful, bold graphics, voice-overs and interactive content, The Drugs Box is ideal for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. Covering everything you'd ever want to know about drugs and with 'street-level' information (see Common "street drug names"), this online programme is essential learning for any age group.

The Drugs Box can be loaded with one of 5 software packages

1. The Drugs Box I
2. The Drugs Box II - Intervention
3. The Drugs Box III - Treatment Edition (Suitable for prisons and young offenders)
4. The Drugs Box IV - Driving Edition
5. Drink Angel

Key Features

  • Engaging interface encourages user interaction and exploration
  • Range of branded hardware solutions from desk mounted to floor standing kiosks
  • Easy navigation - no supervision required
  • Provides accurate feedback on community drugs knowledge
  • Quick access from kiosk start up

Data Capture

  • Anonymous, qualitative and quantitive 
  • Gathers evaluation data by tracking knowledge
  • Tracks page views and pathways
  • Gathers local street names from different drugs
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