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   Drugs Education at its most fun

Providing key stages 2 to 4 with relevant up-to-date drugs awareness info. Gives staff daily metering of drugs knowledge in their school community. The impact of your educational initiatives can now be measured using our anonymous tracking system which categorises by age and gender.

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   Do you know someone who misuses drugs?

This new edition of The Drugs Box™ offers best practice and worst pitfalls across a range of intervention strategies. Including the issues and effects of drug testing approaches in schools and the workplace. Using simple language and clear definitions the Intervention Edition clarifies this emotional time for parents and teenagers then also outlines the legal aspects of drugs intervention for the workplace.

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   Navigating the treatment and justice systems.

Available to regional or national agencies, treatment centres, probation and police forces. The system provides a network of access points via wall-mounted touch-screens, foyer stands and lap¬tops. Personalised log-ins allow clients and carers to stay in touch with all the relevant info from arrest to accommodation, drug testing to drug counselling.

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   Drink and Drugs Education for Young Drivers

Developed in partnership with Fire & Rescue services and Safety Camera Partnerships this new version includes everything you need to cut down drink and drug driving accidents amongst your young people. Research shows that hazardous behaviour is formed before they get behind the wheel so The Drugs Box® gives you a direct line to your target communities. Our specialist Driving edition helps your clients know the full risks of poor driving behaviour. Driving Edition looks at the laws and hazards of the mobile phone, find out how drugs affect your driving. Takes users through a full glossary of driving terminology and gives all the facts on the breathalyser and Field Impairment Test.

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drink angel
  Alcohol awareness at its best

Drink Angel™ is an interactive programme that deals with the issues of young people and alcohol. By entering drinking habits and consumption the programme will show the user the effects on health over a period of time and calculates the Units & Calories contained in alcohol The programme provides factual information and increases the awareness of the long term dangers ofbalcohol misuse within the youth culture.

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