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The Drugs Box - Common "street drug names"

These street names for drugs are gathered daily from across the UK.
The Drugs Box® can ask a range of questions to young people who are able to answer anonymously. Our list is not accurate! Yet it is interestingly realistic... may notice that many young people confuse street names for one drug with another... crack, GHB, mazzies etc are given as street names for more than one. Just as people confuse facts and info about different drugs they can also confuse street names for the different drugs. 


booze, beer, drink, grog, pop, juice, bevy, alcopops, spirits, good times, tipsy drink, adult juice, shots,loopy juice, nectar, brew, slosh, drams, falling over juice, poison, the happy stuff.


speed, whizz, w, billy, uppers, phet, amph, wizz, white, sulphate, snow, sprint, bomb, base, paste, dexies.


barbs, blues, reds, downers, cherries, pills.


weed, skunk, pot, dope, bud, green, blow, hash, ganja, grass, draw, puff, gange, shit, spliff, wacky backy, pukka, rocky, joint, hashish, resin, doobie, gear, bush, smoke, leaf, stash, buddha, rasta pasta, chill, mary jane, to blaze, marijuana, squigy black, rock, purple haze, sensimilia, hemp, herb, blow, soap, blunt.


coke, crack, charlie, smow, sniff, white, ching, powder, snow white, snuff, rock, nose candy, okey cokey, fairy dust, bolivian marching powder, toot.


rock, wash, stones, base, freebase.


E, pills, McDonalds, tabs, MDMA, dids, smileys, xtc, little men, happy pill, doves, nina, extra, fantasy, disco biscuits, little fellas, divy biccie, smarties, sweets, little ones.


bodypop, spikes, spike.

Glues, Gases & Aerosols:

super glue, deodrant, glue, spray, tipex, solvent, fuel, funny stuff, gas, poppy, bong, sticky.


smack, crack, brown, gear, shit, charlie, jack, skag, henry, horse, needles.


k, special k, vitamin k, ketty.


quat, qat, qaadka.


acid, bob, trips, toot, tabs, LSD.

Magic Mushrooms:

mushies, shrooms, happy plant, maggies, majies.


liquid gold, poppers, TNT, bangers, sniffers.


GHB, date rape drugs, sex drug, spikes, apike, rapist candy, rape drugs, sex vitamin.


weed, green, bud, dope, hash, pot, puff, ganja, grass, lemon, buda, smoke, draw, blow, bush, greens, dooby, skunky monkey, spliff, booda.


LMNO, ROI, muscle, DCLA, roids, bicep tabs.


fags, baccy, cigs, nicotine, bizzle, ciggy, cancer stick, rollies.


nitrazepam, diazepam, mazzies, mogadon, moggies, wobbly eggs, ativan, temazzies, benzo's, rugby balls, vallies, norries, jellies, roofies.

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